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When I returned to my work at the animal shelter after my honeymoon a kitten, Tinky,

was being returned for behavioral reasons and there weren’t any fosters available so I brought her home. During which time, they discovered a bunch of medical stuff that didn’t give a her much of a chance of being adopted. I also thought that Lenard had bonded with her as he always released her from her cage right when he got home and I’d find her in his lap every night. That assumption cost us thousands of dollars in medical bills because I had them keep her alive for him. I had us do it for years for the same reason. One day at the shelter Tinky had a biopsy, which pretty much sealed her fate. Pardon the language but she was “an unadoptable money pit”. I took her home so Lenard could say goodbye. Instead he said “we can’t let them kill her”. I always thought he meant right there for us to keep her.

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