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I always thought it was Lenards idea to keep her with us and adopting Tinky. Until I read a letter Lenard wrote about how miserable we “both” were the first time he requested a divorce. Thats right I didn’t just swap lives away from lower middle class but I swapped right back now that its been a few years since the divorce. I managed to live off the funds by buying low and selling high on a few land deals. I also got a little repair work done. I lost so much weight I had a flap of skin my tummy that I had cut off. So weird and creepy but I was awake for the operation. They gave me anesthetic and like a Xanax so I saw how big that F-er was it went from side to side and at one point was more than 9 inches long. I have a thin scar that they dropped down so it almost looks like a c-section scar. I have a little muffin top now but it’s soooo much better. Then last year I sold my house and instead of buying another one I fixed my teeth. #SonoBello #SmeeCat

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