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Relationship Titles

My boyfriend wants to be called my husband. He says “people say you're my wife”, to which I reply that I’m not, and he’s not, and that I had a husband, and that he doesn’t want that title. I explained that he wouldn’t understand as he’s never been married and he scoffed “20 yrs but whatever”. He likes to refer to his last relationship as a marriage. It was years of off and on, and in it for the kids while they were one and/or both on drugs or sleeping around. He says it's just a piece of paper, which the marriage certificate is. The wedding ceremony where you get up in front of your friends and family and promise to keep picking that person for the rest of your life is defiantly different. It means more, after all, it's the biggest promise that you’ll ever make. When I made that promise the first time we said it was forever, no backing out, good or bad, happy or miserable but we’d do it together. That didn’t work out as planned but since when has planning worked out.

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